This is a demonstration of one way we can display large numbers of related pictures. As long as I get a written description of what the slides depict, I could type out the details of what is going on during the slide show. The rule is I can display any number of slides in 99.9 seconds. therefore 25 slides in a show would be approximately  4 seconds per slide. In this case I only had 5 slides so I could have set the slide duration up to 20 seconds per slide.

For the record Slide #1 shows the Stanley Towers at the opening of the river. Next is the dockage at Port Stanley, followed by the train ride in the passenger and circus cars. Last of the Port Stanley cruise pictures  but not least shows the valiant Beaver Creek Boat Club formation returning to port Stanley after the Skellinger's thought they had a leak. Following that somewhat out of sequence is a picture of the flotilla at Huron during the 2005 Shakedown Cruise.