Beaver Tales  2007 Wine Tasting Party Photo Page

This is a short slide show of the 2007 Wine Tasting Party. You don't even have to like wine to attend. Just ask Bill Popular,  about 1/2 way through the party a miracle occurred. I don't know the whole story but the Bible tells us "that many years ago their was a man called Jesus who changed  water into wine. But Bill  Popular was able to change his wine into beer. You can believe this story because I saw it happen. I don't think many of the happy wine drinkers saw this miracle or even cared..
A small group was in attendance. I hope more come next year as this is a fun time. We had a gentleman come in who ran us through the basics of judging and thus appreciating good wines. After his talk the tasting began. The highlight of the night was the ever popular home brew tasting contest.