Beaver Tales    2008 BCBC Change of Watch Ceremony     Photo Shows

This is a slide show of the very solemn Change of Watch ceremony  where we swear out the old officers the from the 2007 Bridge and swear in  the officers for the new 2008 Bridge . You can see by the expressions on the faces of the newly elected officers we take this as a very solemn occasion . To start with the old Bridge officers as well as the New  Bridge officers and all past Commodores, were asked to come forward and line up.  That left about 8 1/2 people still sitting down. to watch the swearing in. Then Debby began by saying ' Raise your right hand and repeat after me." Everyone was as quiet as a church mouse as she began reading what sounded like the preamble to the United States Constitution. After a minute or so, someone hollered stop I can't remember all of that to repeat back to you, There was general agreement, so Debby shortened what had to be stated back was  two little words, "I Do"  From then on all the swearing was shortened to "I Do" I believe I heard some other swearing but that did not go with the program.