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The Bilge Download Speed Thief has been caught. Now what we need is someone like an ex Ohio State Highway Patrolman I know to put the irons on the culprit. By the way the criminal is not the guy or his wife to the right. See their story on the Photo Show page.
 I found the Bilge had Bulged.  The culprit is like Diane said, pictures and graphics. The Bilge has improved graphically with the introduction of hi quality pictures and line art this year.  But by doing this the Bilge file sizes surged.  The music was not a  factor as it is a small MIDI file. The large file size increase would barely show with cable or DSL internet service, but those with dial-up service would see huge download times.
   What is the answer Quality or Speed? I think I have it. By using a program to digitally compress all of the Bilge files, just prior to up loading to the internet, Bilge dial-up download times should be improved for all.  Dial-up download times will always be slower than Hi-speed cable or DSL downloads, especially with photo and graphics but because of this change in up loading  we can have quality and relative speed in the Bilge, for all. Try It! 


Those members with dial up internet service will continue to have slower download speeds for large files like the Bilge. Compare download times between the April and May Bilges. Both have been reduced to the smallest file possible without removing pictures or artwork. 


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